Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fan Girl Of The Day!

Well, this is pretty cool: A while back I was nominated for Fangirl of the Day over at Her Universe and, today, I got it!  As a chick who predominately shops in the men's section for her geek apparel, I'm so glad Her Universe came along.

Also, this blog recently won an award over at A Peek At Karen's World! My Year Of Star Trek is the "Best Kept Secret," which I rather like.

I haven't been around quite so much lately but I have good reasons for this. I'm in the next-to-last stages of pre-production for my first novel release and, as I was getting ready to send the edited manuscript back to the publisher, I realized (in the eleventh hour) that the artwork needed a change. This book has quite a lot of art inside and I'm doing all of it. As I was prepping everything, I discovered that I needed to go back and re-do some of the pieces for consistency. I've been working on this nonstop about 10 hours a day. Unfortunately that doesn't leave much time for blogging. However, I did get a chance to re-watch The Trouble With Tribbles last night!

I've seen this episode countless times and I know that I always love it and yet it always surprises me with how good it is. Even though the story is about a bunch of purring furballs taking over a space station, the humor is pretty sophisticated. Every exchange plays out to a humorous, often unexpected conclusion--like what Scotty's willing to get in a fight over--and Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are at their very best. The entire barroom brawl is reminiscent of a 60's prime Blake Edwards bit and Cyrano Jones is the perfect villain. The huckster's bubbly, flamboyant nature hides his underlying ability to create real danger making him a great foil, not only for Kirk, but for the Klingon's as well. He's more a force of nature than an insidious character and that works perfectly for The Trouble With Tribbles.

I haven't had much time to get back into Trek lately and I've missed it. It was really great to come back to it with this classic episode.

 I wrote about this episode last year: The Trouble With Tribbles

Last year on this day I drew the Mugato for the third Young Naturalist illustration.

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  1. The Trouble with Tribbles is my very favorite episode.

    And congratulations on your win! It was definitely deserved!


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