Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Sweet Birthday

So, last year I went to Kirk's Rock for my birthday. Then, I had eleven more months of Star Trek. Through it all, I couldn't help noticing how much cake people in the future seem to eat. Worf has a birthday where he alternately eats chocolate and yellow cake. Deanna turns into a cake. Hoshi goes on a fact-finding mission just so they can give Malcom a pineapple upside down birthday cake. And when Miles O'Brien has a birthday his evil, pah-wraith possessed wife (of course) makes him a nice birthday cake.

Nowhere, though, are birthdays more celebrated than on Voyager. These people (and maybe this is because they have a morale officer/chef on Voyager so why not) celebrate birthdays like nobody's business. And they do it in a pretty specific way. Everybody gets one of these:
A big, swirly, purple and blue (and sometimes spotted) cake. Toward the end of it, as someone was celebrating yet another birthday, I said, "You know. We should make a purple cake for my birthday next year."

Well, that day is almost here. Tomorrow's my 30th birthday but tomorrow I'm planning on eating a huge cheeseburger and then taking a day-long nap so, today, I made a cake:

We made it completely from scratch, by hand, which is obviously how an alien from the 24th century would do it. Scott and I both sort of remembered the cake being taller than it was in Voyager but I'm guessing theirs is actually just a hunk of foam covered in purple spray paint, glitter, and varnish. Ours is white cake with butter cream frosting. I tinted the buttercream purple then streaked it with blue and pink and added teensy white icing dots and a few star sprinkles. I absolutely love it. It's my favorite birthday cake ever.

One Year Ago Tomorrow: My B-day


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