Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year

This morning I woke up, made breakfast, sat down with a cup of coffee and turned on the TV.

"What now?" I thought.

For the first time in a year, I wasn't facing down several hours of pre-planned TV.

"This is weird," I said. I turned the TV off. It felt so strange to not have in my day that I didn't really want to watch anything. I cleaned the house. I ate lunch. I worked on some art projects. All the while, the television screen was black and the room was silent.

Eventually, I looked at the DVR. Lots and lots of shows had banked in the last month or so. With this blog going at full clip, I hadn't had time to watch a single other show. I suggested we try Almost Human. We did. Watching McCoy rip through a future New York City with his android partner, I immediately, obviously thought of Star Trek. I missed my blog. I missed my show. I missed you.

I came over to Blogger. Sometime during the morning, while my TV had been off and my laptop was shut, this site hit 90,000 pageviews. So, again, thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for coming back over and over again. Thank you for your encouragement, your emails, your comments.

Tonight, I'm going to bed after a day with no Star Trek. But that's alright. This project is still here. It'll still be here tomorrow. And the next day.

And that brings me to a little announcement:

I have a NEW project. My husband and I are going to watch all of X-Files in a year and write about it together. You can read about that over at Our Year Of X-Files.


  1. I wondered what that first day would be like, when there was no more Star Trek queued up and calling out to you. I remember waking up the first day after my long-time job ended- I just looked around the house for a while, then said, "Now what?", out loud to nobody. It was an unchartered, drifting feeling, that took a while to shake. Not boredom, not relief, and not quite sadness- just a sense of really missing something I had grown so accustomed to experiencing each day. I imagine your day had some similar characteristics. And way to sneak in that announcement- I wasn't expecting that at the end of this post! :)

  2. I haven't posted much for a few months. Sorry about that. Life kind of took over... I finally have a day off and now almost feel too tired to even type.
    I loved this blog. It helped me realize that my love for Star Trek wasn't something I should be ashamed of.. It held a lot of joyful moments for me. I loved getting to know you in it. I knew early on that you are going to succeed as a writer. It was fun to watch you (a young person) grow into that. I love the fact that during my many moments spent reading this blog, I realized that I was no longer broken, and that my sanity had returned completely, and I now could function as a normal person. I love that I realized I could finally (even though I am 55 years old) start and hold onto the career of my choosing so my wife and I could do more than just barely hold on to the accumulation of stuff we call ours.. I love that I passed my insurance license exam on the first try, and now as the new year starts, so does my business, which I know will succeed because of past success at a similar endeavour that died because my bipolar disorder took me out with a lot of poor choice making that comes along with that disease.

    and it all happened with God's help, and because of your efforts in this blog.. wow. Happy New Year. Happy New Life. Your books will all do well.

  3. I'm gonna miss seeing your blog posts in my Star Trek news feed. If you have time, check out some of the fan made Star Trek productions like Phase II, Continues, and the upcoming Renegades. I would love to read your thoughts on them.

  4. A little off-topic, but how can I comment on your X-Files blog? It doesn't have as many choices. On this one, I always chose Name/URL. I can't do that over there... Any help?

    1. I was able to now. Thanks for adding the profile choices.


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