Sunday, December 22, 2013

Enterprise: Space Jerks and Augments (who are also Space Jerks)

Here's a reason that I really like Season Four of Enterprise: Mini-Arcs. I love mini arcs within TV shows. You get the best of both worlds. A little bit serialized, a little bit episodic. You can have a story line that lasts more than forty-five minutes but, if you don't like it, it's over in about three or four episodes.

The first mini-arc is all about some evil Space Nazis from the future. It's only two episodes long but it's got some pretty powerful imagery, our TV friends in period costumes, some cool ideas (like some Brooklyn gangsters giving these Nazis the what-for) and a great character in the tough, smart Alecia Travers:

also--she's gorgeous
The second arc is all about Jerk Doctor Soong trying to re-start the Eugenics revolution. He's been in prison for several years while his Jerk Augment Kids have grown up all by themselves.
which is apparently why they have no idea how to sew up their outfits
This mini-arc winks at a lot of my favorite Star Trek stuff that harkens all the way back to Space Seed. Archer even quotes (pre-quotes?) Spock in saying that "superior ability breeds superior ambition" and people talk an awful lot about Botany Bay. We also get mentions of the Soong family's future in cybernetics and that leads, obviously, to Data. 

Anyway, I watched this entire arc in one night while eating oven-made s'mores so it was pretty awesome. 

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