Monday, December 2, 2013

Enterprise: Fight Or Flight

Every time I've started a new series this year, it's been tough. Switching gears from one crew and ship to the next is always a little difficult but with Enterprise, with the last of the Star Trek series, in the last month of My Year Of Star Trek, it's even harder. It's emotional and scary and I find myself wanting to wind back the clock to the beginning of the year. But I can't do that. I can only move forward and write about one of my favorite Treks.

Today, while I was still at my dad's, I watched "Fight Or Flight." This one's all about the Enterprise's first discovery of another space-faring species and Hoshi's fears about space travel. The whole time, she's worried that she might not be cut out for service onboard a startship and the fact that she comes upon a ship full of dead guys doesn't help matters.
It's strange, after watching every single other Trek crew, how green the NX-01 guys seem. I can't imagine Geordi getting super worked up over an away mission or Deanna wigging out over having to wear an environmental suit. The thing is, I love this. I love how wide-eyed everyone is, how everybody is either chomping at the bit to go on an away mission or they're a little terrified by the prospect. None of this is run of the mill for these people. Everything is new. And, even though I've been watching Star Trek literally every single day since January 1st, it feels new and exciting and scary for me too. So, even though I'm a little terrified about finishing this year, I'm going to try to take a hint from Hoshi and be courageous about the final leg of my journey into Star Trek.


  1. Fight or Flight was (IMO) the first amazing episode of Enterprise and certainly not the last. When I rewatched this series last year, I marveled at how much more I'd enjoyed it the third time watching. The first and second seasons catch a lot of flack, but I love all four seasons with only a few episodes I could live without. As much as I love the others, Enterprise is definitely my absolute favourite. : )

    1. I am definitely with you, which is sad that most people don't seem to get it.


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