Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Captain's Vlog #5

Well, it's December. It's actually been December for a while. After some delays I'm kind of down to the wire. The pressure's on but I've devised a way to stay on track and it involves candy:


  1. I love this idea, and I'm so happy to see another vlog. I hope it's not our last one. I have the pez TOS set, but I've never seen the ST:TNG set. I think I might need to find one- or maybe even find someone to trade sets!

    I'm with you on the pez though- not my favorite candy. If only they were a little more tart...

    I'm off to watch my final Voyager episode- I've been putting it off long enough. I'll join you on Enterprise tomorrow.

  2. Sweet vlog! Reminds me of the scene in TNG’s “Naked Now” when Data sorts the isolinear chips on fast-forward. Pez candy never appealed to me either – would rather try a Bajoran Jumja stick

  3. Oh sweet AshleyRose, why add torture to your regime?? Pez is gross! How 'bout after you watch each episode, you "ploop" one Pez into the toilet? ;-)

  4. I actually really like Pez, but I think it's just because I'm still just a five-year-old deep down.

    Oh, and GOOD LUCK!!


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