Sunday, December 15, 2013

Enterprise Episodes Lately

I've been watching a whole, whole lot of Season Two but haven't had much of a chance to write about it. So, here are my thoughts on some things I've seen lately:

A Night In Sickbay:
A whole lot of people hate this episode. I don't. Aside from the fact that I totally get why, when your life is already ridiculous and full of pressure, your dog getting gravely ill (because of some dude not paying attention) might push you over the edge.
I think this is a great character episode--not just for Archer-- but for Phlox too. I love seeing him on a typical night. I think this one provides us with some perspective on this guy any why he's not Neelix, why he's not Quark, why he's his own character. He's commanding, empathetic, intelligent, and he sticks to his guns in a way that's surprising.

The Seventh:
This is a story in the classic, "Hypothetical Moral Ambiguity" trope. T'Pol, in her past, spent some time tracking down some renegade Vulcans and maybe she made some mistakes. The jerk she's sent to apprehend makes her question her choices and her own ethical code.
The Seventh is an example of the kind of stock, regular episodes that Star Trek has always done well. I love seeing T'Pol's inner turmoil and her relationship with Archer develop.

The Crossing:
Well, this one's super weird. It's kind of the Enterprise Body Snatching equivalent of TOS' Operation Annihilate or maybe Turnabout Intruder or perhaps Next Gen's Masks or maybe DS9's The Reckoning or Voyager's Cathexis. You get the idea. I sort of feel like, by the time you get to the 24th century possession of one's body by weirdo aliens is kind of run-of-the-mill.
"Oh, man. I ran into some aliens last night and they possessed me." Riker might say.
"Sell it up the street. That happened to me literally last week." Deanna would respond.
Anyway, Archer's crew are freaked the fuck out by this business. They're all, "Holy cow I was just eating pan fried catfish with Geronimo on the other side of space-time while an alien was IN MY BODY sitting here in the mess hall eating jello! What is happening?!??!"

Oh man, Trip. This is just... I know. I get it. I would teach that poor cogenitor to read too. But man, this kind of thing--getting involved in stuff you don't really understand--just NEVER. TURNS. OUT. WELL.

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