Thursday, September 26, 2013

That Guy That's Not Harry

Just to continue my little rant about how Voyager is just as dark and deep as DS9, I thought I'd bring up something that makes us all a little uncomfortable.

In Deadlock, Harry Kim and Naomi Wildman died. I mean, they just for real died. One minute they were going about their regular, air-breathing day and the next thing they know, they're dead. In fact, after an attack by the creepy, creepy Vidians, the whole ship is pretty jacked up. Like, whole chunks of it are floating around in space (along with other non-regular cast crew members.)

You know some crazy mess has been going on
 when Janeway's bun starts falling down.
The nice thing is that, through some kind of super scary space-time rift, another Voyager pops up. This one is completely pristine. It has a mint condition Harry Kim and everything. The two Voyagers try help each other out.
Honestly, I love this. What's better than two Janeways? Really, now.
Eventually, the jacked-up Voyager decides to self destruct to help the pristine Voyager get away. Unfortunately, the pristine Voyager is boarded by creepy, creepy Vidians and they decide to self-destruct instead--defeating the enemy and allowing the jacked-up Voyager to make a break for it. Before they do, Janeway sends mint condition Harry Kim over to the other Voyager with still-alive Naomi. 

So, just to clarify, the entire rest of the time we watch Voyager, both Harry Kim and Naomi Wildman are relics from another space-time. It's a good thing Ensign Wildman ain't picky since we're never really told what happened to Original Naomi. This lady's just happy to be able to take care of her double's healthy baby. It's not too weird for us since we only knew Original Naomi for about five seconds before she died. Meanwhile, Original Harry Kim's body is somewhere out there, free-flying through the icy nothingness of space. For the next five seasons, we're watching Replacement Harry Kim. 

And you know how the Voyager crew handle this ridiculously dark mess? Do they wallow in a corner, drinking Kanar and breath-shouting at whoever has the audacity to question their obviously well-deserved grief? Nope. The metal-as-hell Voyager crew (who've suffered through: being tossed across the galaxy, face snatching aliens, double-crossing crew members, and a Q with a death wish) basically chalk this one up to the day-to-day hazards of space travel: 

I don't even have to caption this.
This is the actual end of Deadlock.


  1. I just found your blog a few days ago and I'm really enjoying it! We need more people on the internet posting about Janeway and her endless buns. People forget the face-snatching (seriously I had nightmares) and the Borg and all the other intense aspects of Voyager; maybe because of the less-than-serious Captain Proton episodes? (Which, BTW, features the greatest eyebrow acting by anyone on any Trek ever, when Janeway shows up as Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People. Her awesomeness is overpowering.) Or perhaps it's hard to take a show seriously when the bad guys look like they're wearing salads on their heads.

  2. "wearing salads on their heads" >> I laughed out loud when I saw this.
    I saw a Kazon today who was CLEARLY wearing a full loaf of rye bread on his head.

  3. Oh man, which one?! I've got to see this.

  4. So no mourning for the dead just pick up some spares and move on.
    After watching this episode I've been calling Ensign Kim, Ensign Cog...cause he's replaceable.


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