Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DS9: The Last Romp

Sorry for the radio silence the last few days. I spent my holiday weekend watching the last half-season of DS9. It was pretty hardcore. Once you get to "Penumbre," the seventeenth episode in the last season, it's pretty much a runaway train. But, before I write about all that stuff,  I don't want to miss writing about the last of my favorite kind of DS9 episode--the romp. "Bada Bing Bada Bang" aka "Sisko's Eleven" is perfect late series fun.

Basically, Vic Fontaine is being hassled by mob boss, Frankie who now runs Vic's hotel. The crew wants to help him but to do that, they have to pull off a classic movie style caper, rob the casino, run Frankie out of business and restore ownership to Vic. I love heist movies and Bada Bing has all the elements of a great one: sweet style, a jazzy score, a fantastic, charismatic cast, and a perfectly convoluted plot.

I love almost everything about this one and the stuff I don't like, I'm completely willing to forgive. I mean, where else do you get a still like this:
Our DS9 family won't really be this happy again for the rest of the series. The worst of the war is yet in front of them. Their time together, as a family, is about to end.

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  1. Oh, your last few sentences are so true- and only in hindsight can we see it, just like in real life. You never know the happiest moment when it's actually occurring, right?


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