Friday, September 6, 2013

DS9: Season Seven Essentials

Well here it is, the final essentials episodes for DS9. This one's a little tricky but I don't think there's anyway around the way these are listed:

1- Image In The Sand
This is the season premier and you basically have to get this one in to deal with Jadzia's death and Worf/Bashir/Quark's healing process. It's a pretty great Klingon-themed episode too and you know how I love those.

2- Take Me Out To The Holosuite
The entire crew gear up and play some ball. Is there any way this wouldn't be included? It's entirely possible that this is actually my favorite DS9 episode.
3- It's Only A Paper Moon
Here's another one of my all-time favorites. Nog has long been in contention for my favorite character (along with Quark, Worf, and Dax) but the way this character deals with the tragic loss of his leg is beautiful and perfectly Star Trek.

4- Bada Bing Bada Bang
Sisko's Eleven! This is the one where everyone puts on their 60's duds and robs a casino to help out a holosuite character. Yes! Ok, I get that this is not part of the mytharc. I just super don't care. This episode kicks ass. And, trust me, you're gonna need a romp before you head into the #5 entry on this list.

5- Penumbra-What You Leave Behind
Yep. Here are nine episodes. Basically, I feel like if you've watched all the DS9 essentials up to this point, you can decide whether or not you want to see the epic multi-episode finale. Of course, if you want to finish your stint with the one where everyone robs a casino, that's ok too.

Runners Up:

Seriously? I just gave you an "Essentials" list with thirteen episodes on it. Do you really need more?


  1. Hi! I recently discovered this blog, and have been absolutely enchanted by your art, your project, and the way you process your thoughts through blogging.

    I'm also seriously impressed that you're doing the whole franchise in a single year - my husband and I are three episodes away from the end of Enterprise (we'll probably knock them off this afternoon), and its taken us almost exactly two years to get here from TOS s1,ep1. We signed up for Netflix in September 2011 for the express purpose of commencing Trek Watch, and have been plugging away at it steadily since then. We were both casual Trek fans before we met - my husband is somewhat older than me, and grew up watching TOS reruns and reading the novels; I watched TNG pretty regularly in elementary school - but we made a conscious decision to transform ourselves into Trekkies with this franchise watch. We've grown our fandom together, and we take constant delight in how sharing Trek has shaped our relationship. It is an integral part of who we are, as individuals and as a couple. We even featured Trek at our wedding (9/30/12) - he wore Trek emblem cufflinks and I wore a matching Trek emblem pendant, and our vows included a line about promising to "represent our House with honor"! Plus, my bachelorette party involved my bridesmaids and I getting matching tattoos - try and guess what I got (or don't guess, just click here and see: Attending a convention is our inevitable next step, and I'm already planning some epic Lwaxana Troi cosplay. :)

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying reading about your Trek Watch - even though your most recent entries have made me ache to rewatch DS9 immediately!! DS9 is unquestionably the best series of them all; I feel certain you'll come to the same conclusion, after Voyager and Enterprise, but I look forward to hearing what you have to say about it. Enjoy your time with Captain Katie O'Clare (you'll see)! Live long and prosper, friend.


    1. Hi Willow! Thanks so much for coming along on this adventure. It's been a wild year so far. I've actually watched all of Trek multiple times. There were few episodes of DS9 that I'd missed over the years but I've seen all of Voyager at least three or four times and TNG more than I can count. I've only seen Enterprise maybe 2-3 times depending on the episodes and most of the TOS episodes at least twice.
      The goal here is to take something I already love, something that has shaped my life in many ways, and watch it all in a single year. I'm doing this to gain a better understanding of the series and of myself. Unexpectedly, I've also gained a wonderful readership and formed relationships with the people who are watching Trek along with me. So far it's been an amazing journey! I'm glad you've found the blog and I hope you stick around for the rest of the year!

  2. Interesting you didn't pick "Far Beyond the Stars". While not one of my favorites, it seems to be on almost every list of the best DS9 eps.

    1. This is just a "Season" Essentials list. I do them every "Season."
      "Far Beyond The Stars" is included in the DS9 Season Six Essentials.


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