Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Press Pause

I spent all of today packing up our apartment. I only sat down to eat lunch (composed of a can of broth and a can of beans--neither of which I wanted to pack and move) and make phone calls to ensure that when we get to the new place it will have power and mail service and internet.

Then, as I was making dinner, the UPS guy brought me a present--the new Star Trek game. I was so exhausted by the time I got it spinning in the Xbox that I only managed to play for about twenty minutes. I'm more of a FPS girl who dabbles in RPGs and I typically don't enjoy games that make you feel like you're playing a movie because, come on, I'd rather just watch a movie instead of having to hold down X every twenty seconds. Still, this is a Star Trek game. It's a JJ Abrams Star Trek game. There are lens flares everywhere. Star Trek music plays constantly. I have a phaser and a tricorder. I am happy.


  1. I'm an MMORPG girl myself. I keep meaning to give the Star Trek MMO a whirl, but haven't had the chance.

  2. Good luck moving! We're starting that process right now, moving back to KY. But I'm glad you had some distraction! :-)

  3. Good luck moving!

    I'm definitely a FPS girl myself, but you have to make an exception when JJ is involved.


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