Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Portraits!

I've been working with a new program and, maybe because of that, experimenting with some changes in style and look. Because I don't have an endless amount of time to do art every day (my hand cramps up after about five hours) I've been getting used to the program with the help of my latest Star Trek portraits. It's kind of slow-going but I'm enjoying it. Here are the two most recent:

This is Larry (from the mirror universe) and Katie, the Talaxian. Since you're mucking about on the internet already, you should check out Kate's blog, Nested. It's pretty awesome!


  1. Those are awesome!!!! Well done, again! :)

  2. I love Katie's blog- and I discovered it right here, so thanks!

    Great portraits...

    1. Woops, I think I accidentally typed Katie instead of Kate. Sorry!

  3. These are awesome. I could NEVER do anything like this.


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