Friday, April 19, 2013

Just An Update

Great news! Star Trek recently won the TV Guide Fan Favorites contest. Over 500,000 fans voted. That's pretty awesome. Congratulations, Star Trek!

In other news, you can vote for your favorite TNG episode at in this week's poll. I think that's pretty amusing since I just wrote about "Darmok" as my favorite a couple days ago. According to the poll, "Darmok" is in last place (among the ones they listed) and "The Best Of Both Worlds" is first with 28%.

Aside from watching lots of episodes, most of my time over the last couple of days has been taken up with a few different art/illustration projects. Anyway, amidst all my various projects, I found some time to do another Star Trek portrait. This one is for my friend over at The Tardis Page. She's a Vulcan/Ocampan so I gave her a mixture of the two species' ears and a Kes-style dress as well as a nice PADD so she can blog and watch TV wherever she goes.

1 comment:

  1. I saw that they won and was like WOOOHOO! Yes!

    Also, I look FABULOUS! :) Thanks again.


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