Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Roundup #7

This week, I saw three movies, started TNG, and went to my first ever convention. So, even though I only watched about eight hours of Star Trek, it feels like so much more. I'm 100% exhausted and I keep having dreams about transporter accidents, uniform malfunctions, and "What I Did Over The Summer" reports delivered by grown-up Wil Wheaton wearing his nerdy, gray onesie. But you don't care about my weirdo dreams. You want to read the roundup and look at these cool behind-the-scenes pictures I found from the films:

The Wrath of Khan
-This is pretty much a perfect movie.
-Not even a frosted, immovable mullet can ruin this magnificent piece of film. I love it.

The Search For Spock
-I love this one less so.
-My favorite thing about this movie is probably Robin Curtis' portrayal of Saavik.

The Voyage Home
-Arguably the most accessible film, this one is a great example of the kind of episode everyone remembers from TOS--the fun romp. Yes, 23rd Century Earth is at stake. Yes, Spock still isn't really Spock and that's sad. Yes, the Enterprise is still dead. But, ultimately, this episode is about a bunch of friends, traveling in time, trying to round up a whale so it can have a conversation with an alien gizmo. It's wacky and fun and it's not hard to see why it was so well-liked.

Encounter At Farpoint
-This is the episode that launched the rebirth of the Star Trek franchise. It was basically a huge deal. Even though it took TNG a while to find its own voice and heart, this episode really started things off right.

I couldn't find a behind-the scenes picture from this episode.
Instead, here's a beautiful photo of Data and Bones.
They're pretty perfect together.

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