Friday, February 15, 2013

TNG: Encounter At Farpoint

I remember one night, back in 1987, sitting between my parents on the couch in our little apartment as the TV flickered on and the very first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation began. It was called, "Encounter At Farpoint."
The closest I could come to a shuttle craft

I was very, very young but I remember being dazzled by the bridge and the giant jellyfish aliens and this crazy man called Q. I remember my parents reacting to DeForest Kelley's return as Leonard McCoy but, at the time, I had no idea of the significance. My dad couldn't believe they'd let a Klingon on the bridge and my mother immediately identified with Dr. Crusher. Meanwhile, I was completely entranced by Geordi and Data. I instantly wanted them to be my best friends.

I had seen The Original Series. It was the scifi-themed wallpaper of my childhood. But, this was different. The Enterprise was new. The characters were new. Everyone was a little uneasy and, like me, filled with wonder and anticipation. At the end, Captain Picard sits between Riker and Troi, as he would for seven years to come, and, for the very first time said, "Engage." It was then that The Next Generation became my Star Trek.

It's been almost twenty-five years since that night. I can hardly believe it. I also can't believe that, for the first time in my life, I'll finally be able to attend a convention and see the actors in person.

Tomorrow, in Burbank, the TNG cast is coming back together for a reunion performance. I'm not sure what to expect but I know that the little girl who sat there on the couch, wishing Geordi and Data were her best friends, would be very happy indeed.


  1. Very jealous, have a great time tomorrow. Did you catch John De Lancie (Q) and Robert Picardo (the Doctor) when they were in Cincinnati with the Cincinnati Pops? De Lancie told the story of how he almost didn't make it back from a show in Japan to begin filming TNG. He had no clue who Gene Rodenberry was, and thought he was just a writer on the show when they first met.

  2. Oh man, I'd love to see those guys in person! I didn't get to see them in Cincinnati but I'm actually hoping to make it to more than one convention this year.

  3. That sounds amazing! I live in Australia so we never get the good Star Trek actors out here for the conventions. I can't wait to read about your experience!

  4. Hope you have a blast today! Give Captain a hug from me.
    <3 Mama


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