Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Roundup #6

This week I watched nearly all of Star Trek: The Animated Series as well as Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It's been a big week and I'm exhausted so I'll get right to the Roundup:

Star Trek: The Animated Series

#2- Yesteryear
-The episode wherein grown-up Spock saves the life of young Spock.
-Why do they keep messing around with The Guardian Of Forever. Is this ever a good idea? No.

#3- One Of Our Planets Is Missing
-Best. Title. Ever.

#4- The Lorelei Signal
-The men of the Enterprise are taken captive by a bunch of life-sucking ladies. This looks like a job for Uhura!
-I know this is supposed to be a kid's cartoon but wow, there's an entire monologue in this episode about glandular secretions.

#5- More Tribbles, More Troubles
-Yay! Cyrano Jones is back and he's got more Tribbles!
-Uh-oh, true to the title, he also brought troubles.
-This episode is really a missed opportunity to add the Klingon forehead ridges that we wouldn't end up seeing until The Motion Picture.

#6- The Survivor
-This is the episode wherein everyone is impersonated at some point by this guy:
"Believe me, I'm totally Kirk." 
#7- The Infinite Vulcan

#8- The Magicks Of Megas-tu
-AKA- The Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter episode of Star Trek. 

#9- Mudd's Passion
-Mudd is back and this time he's hawking roofies love potion rocks.  

#10- Once Upon A Planet
-I love it when we revisit planets that we saw in TOS. In this one, we're back on the planet from "Shore Leave" but the computer that's supposed to make everyone's dreams come true is completely jacked up. Events reach a truly awesome point when everyone is ATTACKED BY PTERODACTYLS: 

#11- The Terratin Incident
-A lot of shrinking and giganticizing happens in The Animated Series. And, why not? I love how TAS takes all kinds of opportunities to do things they couldn't have done with live action. This one is a good example thanks to all the teensy-weensy people that Kirk almost steps on. 

#12- The Time Trap
-Three Words: The. Delta. Triangle. 

#13- The Ambergris Element
-Oh, mermaids! Yes! Of course they should do a mermaids episode. I love it! As a kid, this would have, undoubtably, been my favorite episode. 

#14- The Slaver Weapon
-This is basically a questing episode staring Spock, Uhura, and Sulu. It is 100% awesome. 

#15- The Eye Of The Beholder
-The crew is made to be part of an alien zoo exhibit--which totally happened on The Twilight Zone
-Their captors are a bunch of ginormous slugs--which is not at all how things went down over at Rod Serling's show. 

#16- The Jihad
-Kirk and Spock are assigned to a rag-tag team of aliens with the goal of finding an ancient religious artifact. I like the crazy, thrown together group element of this episode. 

#17- The Pirates of Orion
-Oh wow- male Orions. Awesome! 

#18- Bem
-This episode is about a guy who can split into several parts in order to pickpocket the crew of the Enterprise while submerged under water. It's hilarious and awesome. I love this one. 

#19- The Practical Joker
-The computer is playing practical jokes on the entire crew. It feels kind of like Q is involved but he's not. 

-McCoy is charged with committing mass murder several years ago. Things don't look good. 

#21- How Sharper Than A Serpant's Tooth
-This is kind of a god-killing episode. Much, much like "Who Mourns For Adonais," only this one has a crazy winged space serpent instead of a guy in a toga. 

#22- The Counter-Clock Incident
-I can't even imagine wanting to go back and relive my teenage years but I'm SO happy to see the cartoon teenage versions of our Enterprise crew. 
-Also--I need to look into this but I believe this episode has the first mention of Vulcans living longer/aging slower than humans. 

-This movie is awesome. I don't care what anyone says. More on this tomorrow. 

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