Monday, October 19, 2015

Whose Couch Is This?

Hey! Ok, so, cards on the table, I won't blog on Saturday. I just won't. Saturday's are when I eat cheeseburgers and watch cartoons with my husband who I really don't get to see as often as I'd like. I will blog on Sunday but not if everything falls apart at the last second. Which is what happened yesterday.

I'd originally thought (on Friday) that (on Sunday) I'd write up a post about five episodes (episode dump!) so I could start a fresh week on Monday but it was a really hectic weekend and I barely even opened my laptop. Then last night I thought, "It's ok, I'll just go online and put up a new couch along with last week's couch." But apparently I've already run out of couches. So I decided to make a new one. But then Photoshop wasn't working properly, or maybe my brain wasn't working properly, and I spent well over an hour on a new couch that ended up not working at all so anyway, here I am on Monday morning still trying to catch up.

The answer to last week's couch was: 
Subcommander Taris.
 As well as a few other Romulans like... Tomalak maybe? 
I don't think Tasha's daughter, Sela, wore this fabric but it was very close. 

Here's the couch I had planned for this week but I think I lost a part of my brain between the last time I made a couch and this time because I just couldn't make anything work. It's Neelix' pajamas:
See what a nice couch this could've been?
 Oh well. 
Hopefully I can get back on my sofa game next week.


  1. Hahahahha...ouch, my side! Seriously, a couch manufacturer needs to capitalize on this. Who wouldn't buy a Neelix couch?

  2. You could post a "swatch" instead of a whole couch, if you wanted... Seems like Quark and Neelix wore most of the upholstery fabrics! I see there is a new book out this month, Star Trek Costumes. Could be fun!


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