Monday, October 12, 2015

Voyager Re-Watch: Vis a Vis, The Omega Directive, Unforgettable

Hooray! I'm back at my own house! In my weird little place in the floor. Yes, I'm still doing Inktober, but today I managed to only spend about 2 hours on a fresh piece. Otherwise I watched three Voyagers and did about a million loads of laundry. Also, can I just ask, is it fall where you are? It's still 96 degrees where I live. What is happening? This is not ok. I want my scarves and hot chocolate and crisp morning air. Anyway...

Vis A Vis: In which Paris is kind of a jerk.
I always get this one mixed up with the forthcoming episode about the time Paris got obsessed with a new toy and shirked all his duties and his girlfriend and everyone thought he was a jerk and then he sort of takes off in the ship or maybe gets kidnapped kind of? What happens in this one is that Paris gets obsessed with a new toy, shirks all his duties, and B'Elanna and everyone thinks he's a jerk but then he gets body snatched.  You can see where I'm coming from, right? It's not just me. Anyway, I sort of like the concept of this one--the idea that there's an alien who's been going around stealing bodies for so long who even knows what his original name/species/gender was?

The Omega Directive: In which Seven meets God.
I really love the idea of this one. And the execution is really great from the moment Janeway gets all cagey and goes into her ready room and seals the door to review the Omega info to the point that Seven stares into the heart of the universe and doesn't want to tear herself away. Basically, they're trying to track down and stop an alien experiment on a dangerous particle known about by Starfleet captains and, of course, The Borg. To Seven, this thing is perfection itself and she's willing to do just about anything to see it. It's an interesting, very human episode for Seven and, for once, her obstinance is rooted in something utterly illogical.

Unforgettable: In which Chakotay has a girlfriend/forgets/has a girlfriend/remembers/forgets.
So, I literally laughed out loud when this one came on. Ironically, I'd completely forgot that Chakotay had a relationship with the woman from Sideways. I think I sort of replaced her in my head when I re-watched Chakotay's other one-episode-love-affair with Riley Frazier (the ex-borg lady) I mean, is it just me? I feel like Chakotay really has a type:
I guess none of us should really be all that surprised with who he ends up with. 

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