Friday, October 9, 2015

Voyager Re-Watch: The Killing Game

I've been way into Inktober lately. Honestly, I can't help it. Being in a hotel room throws me off my game which is good and bad. Good- I'm getting a ton of art done because I actually have a desk and it's a nice change of view/pace. Bad-I'm not getting nearly as much Voyager watched and I've sort of slacked off on some of my other work. Sorry about that. I'm going home tonight so I'm guessing things will get back to normal soon.

Anyway, yesterday I watched The Killing Game. Of course, I love this one. Everyone's playing dress-up. It's WW2 with Klingons and Hirogen. Seven is singing songs at a piano and Janeway's wearing a white fancy dress tux. Of course you have to get past the idea that everyone in this episode is being mentally/emotionally/physically violated thanks to the neural implant that makes them all think they're characters in the holodeck program which is really, truly disturbing if you stop to think about it for too long. But I don't. The rest of The Killing Game is good enough and fun enough and exciting enough that I can totally let the disturbing neural implant thing slide.

My favorite things about The Killing Game:

1-Tom and B'Elanna are long lost war-time loves.
2- American GI Chakotay.
3- Janeway's swanky new look is perfect. She oozes all the classic, tomboy charm of Katherine Hepburn.
4- Klingon Neelix. Perfect.
5- Songbird Seven is still Seven.

And I love the conclusion. It make sense that the Hirogen culture is just sort of treading water, that they're spread out over space only living for the next hunt and never thinking about the future. I love that the guy with all the foresight ends up getting killed but that Janeway makes his dream a reality by giving the Hirogen holodeck technology. And, of course, I love that all that good-will comes back to bite them later.

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