Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I Request A Do-Over

Last week, my second novel, Silver Tongue was released from Seventh Star Press! Hooray! I'd had a big day planned and everything was going really well and then the walls sort of came down when there was an emergency in my family and we were all blindsided and confused and worried and nothing felt ok anymore. There were lots of feelings.

I spent a week dealing with it. My emotions fell into a confused jumble as if someone had taken the neat deck of my brain and played 52 card pickup. Lost in that crazy jumble was the release of Silver Tongue. But then, yesterday, something pretty cool happened:

I got my real life copy of the novel. Honestly, it felt exactly like this: 

So, I decided to have a Do-Over. It's not that I'm pretending last week never happened. It's just that I have to figure out how to keep going, keep working, keep writing. And, I have to celebrate the stuff that really is a huge accomplishment. I wrote Silver Tongue in the first months of 2011. I spent a year re-working it and shopping it around. I'd all but given up on it when a small press I'd queried suddenly accepted it--and asked for 2 more books. Last year I worked on it again with an editor and then waited for its release while I lived the rest of my life. In the first months of this year I designed the cover. And now, four years after I started down this road, Silver Tongue is out! It's a real thing I can hold in my real hands!  So I'm celebrating. 

I bought myself some grocery store sushi and a lemon drink which is literally as fancy and extravagant as I am capable of getting. 

I watered my little container garden. 

And I realized I really needed to spend some time with my Star Trek Mom, Captain Janeway. So, that's what I'm doing now. Hopefully I can get this blog back on track this week! In the meantime, please know how much I appreciate your continued readership. This project has been an outlet for me emotionally and creatively and it's brought me readers and friends and I feel less like I'm shouting into the darkness. Thank you. 


  1. Aww. Lots of love AshleyRose! Hopes high and a spirit full of promise! *hug*

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh no! You're definitely in my thoughts. Way to keep finding ways to press on.

    And my copy of Silver Tongue should be arriving May 2nd (at least according to Amazon's package tracker)!


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