Thursday, May 7, 2015

Generic Ensign's Log: Twisted

***BAM! It's a new feature, people!***

Stardate: I think it's Wednesday. 
-Went down to the mess hall for some breakfast. My BFF, Neelix, was making a gorgeous Jimbalian Fudge birthday cake for Kes' birthday. Apparently they're having a party later for her over in the holodeck. 
-Did not get an invite :(

Stardate: Still unsure.
-I was on my way to engineering and somehow ended up back in the mess hall. 
-Currently drinking all the coffee. 

- I talked to Baxter and he said he ran into Lieutenant Torres in the transporter room and she couldn't get to engineering either. There's a rumor we're going through the wake of a spacial implosion or we've been eaten by a huge subspace monster  newly discovered and important life-form. I think it's some kind of inversion field.  
-I just spent what seemed like forty-five minutes wandering around the corridors and ended up right back here. 
-I feel like the whole crew's stuck in a bottle but the bottle's all twisted up.

Stardate: So apparently it's Thursday now. 
-Everything is back to normal, I guess, except Neelix seems really pissed about some necklace and he was angry baking all afternoon. 
-What the hell happened today? I'm going to bed. 

***Oh! By the way! I was recently interviewed by the Sci Fi & Fantasy Network!***

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  1. I tried so hard to stifle giggling while reading this post at my desk at work :)

    This is episode is also one of my earliest Star Trek memories because my older brother found a mash-up similar to this one ( online (I have no idea how... maybe on a forum in the pre-YouTube days?). He played the clip over and over again while laughing uncontrollably. So funny!

  2. The most recent trilogy of Voyager books are based on the unfinished business of this episode. Very enjoyable. : )


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