Monday, April 20, 2015

Silver Tongue, Art, etc.

Alright, so lately I've had a lot going on.  I'm working on a few projects aside from this blog and I have a NEW BOOK coming out TOMORROW! Sorry for the AllCaps but I've mostly been going around all day yelling at everyone in my house about how I have a NEW BOOK COMING OUT TOMORROW!

Here's the cover:

Here's what it's about:
The Colonies lost the Revolutionary War. Now it’s 1839 and the North American continent is divided into three territories: New Britannia, Nueva Espana, and Nouvelle France where seventeen-year-old Claire Poissant lives.

Claire has a magical way with words—literally. But a mystical power of persuasion isn’t the only thing that makes her different. Half-French and half-Indian, Claire doesn’t feel at home in either world. Maybe that’s why she’s bonded so tightly with her fellow outcasts and best friends: Phileas, a young man whose towering intellect and sexuality have always made him the target of bullies, and Sam, a descendant of George Washington who shares the disgraced general’s terrible, secret curse.

But when Sam’s family is murdered, these bonds are tested and Claire’s special ability is strained to its limits as the three hunt the men responsible into dangerous lands. Along the way they cross paths with P.T. Barnum, William Frankenstein and other characters from both history and fantasy as they learn the hard way that man is often the most horrific monster and that growing up sometimes means learning to let go of the things you hold most dear.

Ok, so anyway, it'll be available tomorrow on Amazon and B&N and you can get a real life paper copy or you can do what I always do and buy it for your kindle so you can read it in bed. I'll also be doing a giveaway for the book here on the blog so keep an eye out for that.

Now back to Voyager. The other night I did some Science BFF art. I wanted to do a little piece that showcased all the the prominent female scientists in Voyager but then realized, as I was doing it, that all of the main female characters are (or become) scientists. That's pretty awesome. This ended up just being a portrait of the Voyager Ladies but I'd really like to do a more black-line, cartooney Voyager Science BFFs piece but for now, here's this: 

Alright, I was going to go ahead and write about both "Twisted" and "Partuition" but I think this post is already long enough. So, I'll do that in a couple days. Right now I think I'm just going to spend the rest of the day yelling at strangers about how I have a book coming out tomorrow. 


  1. Yay! I was wondering when your new book was coming out. Can't wait to read it!

  2. Congratulations! I hope it's a huge success!


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