Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Roundup #12

I'm TWELVE (seriously?) weeks in and here's what I watched this week:

48-Shades of Gray
-Here's a clip show of Riker's memories. There are only two seasons of memories to draw from but what makes it worse is that this was the season finale.

49- Evolution
-This third season premier is all about Wesley messing up his school project and consequently putting the entire ship at risk.
-Oh yeah, Bob Kelso is in this one and he's just as much of a jerk as he was to those nice young interns.

50- The Ensigns of Command
-Here's a great "Data Learns A Lesson" episode.
-This one is simple and sweet and not only features a girl totally crushing on Data but also shows Picard being super awesome and knowing rules. I know that sounds lame but isn't that one of Picard's best qualities? The man knows some rules.

51- Survivors
-I always refer to this one as "that belljar episode."
-I don't want to spoil the mystery of this episode for you because it's actually pretty great. Go and check this one out on your own.

52- Who Watches The Watchers
-The captain becomes a god to a group of Bronze-age aliens who refer to him as "The Picard."
-Wait, how is this not already part of the fandom? From now on, we should refer to him as "The Picard"

53- The Bonding
-When an away mission runs into some unexpected explosives, one of the team dies. She leaves behind a grieving son and The Picard has to break the news to her little boy... just like he did with Wesley.
-I know people are kind of snidey about Wesley but I think this is a great episode for his character. He actually has a moving scene where he finally confronts The Picard about all the anger he felt toward the captain after his own father died.

54- Booby Trap
-Hahah... booby.
-Ok, so in this episode, Geordi is trying to woo a girl on the holodeck. I don't really understand why Geordi can't get a good woman. He's a great guy.
-Anyway, eventually Geordi decides to head to the holodeck and figure things out with a holographic projection of a hot lady scientist.
And by figure things out, I mean smooch
55-The Enemy
-This is not only a Romulan episode but also a Geordi episode. Score! 
-Basically, this one is all about whether or not enemies can overcome their longheld prejudices and work toward a common goal. Worf, Geordi, and a couple of Romulans are all put to the test and some do better than others. 

56- The Price
-Ok, this is not one of my favorites. I sort of have a hard time watching it.  
-Devinoni Ral is a slimy, smarmy, blazer-wearing negotiator who comes in to wheel and deal for the use of a wormhole on behalf of the aliens who hired him. Actually, his real purpose is to gross me out by constantly macking on Deanna Troi in weird, uncomfortable scenes like these: 
This foot rub literally lasts 20 seconds. 
-Ultimately, Deanna calls shenanigans on all this mess but not before we end up with scenes like this one:
Dr Pulaski would not have let stuff like this go on. 
57- The Vengeance Factor
-Begun the Clan Wars have.

58- The Defector
-Here's an episode with wall-to-wall Shakespeare quotes. Yes!
-Oh, also, it's an awesome Romulan/Cold War story. So great. Obviously I love this one and you can go read all about it in this post.

59- The Hunted
-Basically, a super soldier escapes his prison and hides out on the Enterprise. He's super sensitive and handsome with floppy, brown hair so Deanna naturally warms to him.
-Where do they keep getting these roguish bad guys? This guy reminds me so much of The Outrageous Okona. Is this just what men looked like in the late 80's?

60- The High Ground
-How about another roguish bad guy episode? This time, he gets involved with Beverly instead of Deanna.
-Seriously, where do these men come from? This guy literally carries around a sketchbook and charcoal pencils and Beverly's all like, "Paint me like one of your Rutian IV girls."

61- Deja Q
-Yay! Q's back!
-Ok, so Q's been made mortal in this one because he's such a jerk most of the time and the Q Continuum is pretty fed up with his crap.
-No one believe's he actually human until Guinan gives him the ole' "is he really mortal test" by stabbing him in the hand with a dang fork.
-Watch this episode for the sweet friendship Q develops with Data.

62- A Matter of Perspective
-Much like the episode where Piglet straight up murdered a stripper and blamed Scotty, this episode is all about a crazy trial wherein one of our crewmen (surprise, surprise, it's Riker) got himself into trouble and has to prove his innocence.
-This is actually a pretty cool episode about perspective, truth, and relative reality. Though, if you want to see the ultimate portrayal of this theme, check out the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode, "I Saw The Whole Thing."

Alright, that's it. I got fifteen episodes in this week and that's pretty much my goal. I'm really looking forward to this week! My portrait contest winner will be announced on Thursday and I get to watch some really great episodes! 

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  1. ACK! I still have nightmares about "The Price." What this episode needs is that crazy ass Betazoid from Voyager to come in and murder that negotiator!


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