Monday, March 4, 2013

Taking Care Of Business

Today I actually did get to watch my three episodes. However, right after that, I had to go outside of my hermit cave and do a bunch of ridiculous stuff. Lots of going back and forth across Los Angeles was involved. I don't know if you know anything about Los Angeles but going anywhere at all isn't exactly pleasant. Honestly, for me, going anywhere that requires shoes is unpleasant. Still, I went out there and I took care of business.

As a reward for myself, from myself, I found this awesome video and watched it like five times. After today, I definitely needed it. I don't know if you had to go back and forth across Los Angeles or if you just had to go back and forth between your house and work or back and forth between your desk and your trashcan--as far as I'm concerned any amount of going at all earns you a reward. You took care of business today and for that, you get a video:


  1. Ha!! Love it! Also, I had to pause Voyager to watch this. We MIGHT be the TWO most Star Trekkinest girls in the universe. :)

  2. That video is 80's-fabulous-painful. lol

  3. Oh man! That synth music is straight from the 24th century, circa 1989. Perfect!


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