Friday, March 22, 2013

TNG: Who Watches The Watchers

In the episode "Who Watches The Watchers," a group of bronze-age proto-vulcans experience a dramatic cultural shift when they experience seemingly inexplicable "miracles" at the hands of a deity they refer to as "The Picard." Until this point, they have evolved much like the vulcans we all know and love. But, once religion creeps in, things start to change.

Men and women begin construing natural events from the earth/weather/sky as signs from The Picard. They believe that he can bring loved ones back from the dead and very nearly make a human (human/betazoid actually) sacrifice to appease him. In a matter of days, they are obsessed with The Picard and all that he might do for them, if only they interpret his signs correctly.

Of course, The Picard isn't actually speaking to them through the wind and rain and he definitely doesn't want sacrifices (of Deanna or anyone else) or prostration or prayers--no matter how well-intentioned. In fact, The Picard's own god is The Prime Directive which is why he is completely horrified by the idea that a bunch of people (through an accidental first contact) are not only aware of his existence but are now worshiping the very idea of him.

Picard feels a moral obligation to put an end to all this business and eventually does manage to do so. But, just imagine if he hadn't:

"Do you have a few moments to talk about The Picard?" 


  1. I gladly welcome anyone coming to my door wishing to discuss The Picard.

  2. Fantastic drawing, and sublime caption. x-D

  3. I would do the same for them that I do for the Mormons and the JW's - offer them a bottled water, thank them and then decline politely, and remind them to wear sunscreen.


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