Friday, July 7, 2017

Vacation from Vacation

Okay, so maybe the time to come back from my Blog Vacation was not a few days before I went on an actual vacation to North Carolina to visit my family...

My trip was awesome but also a complete whirlwind. I went climbing, hiking, zooming around a track in go-karts and pulled a brown trout out of the river that cuts through the mountain I grew up on. I ate my mom's BBQ chicken and wolfed down a Cheerwine float. I attended a 10th Anniversary Party for my sister and her cat. I watched fireflies and sunsets and my brother and sister who've grown up without my noticing. I had long, tearful hugs with my mom and stood at the headstone of my grandma's grave.

Needless to say, when I got back I was tired. So, so tired. I grabbed Scott at the airport and hung on for dear life and we got cheeseburgers and came home and took the longest nap. I probably slept at least half of the next seventy two hours. And then suddenly it was the 4th of July and I went climbing/bouldering at our local climbing gym and decided that, in spite of my ravaged grip strength (thanks to a year of undiagnosed nerve issues in my neck) and poor proprioception (the body's ability to tell where it is in space), I should definitely take up climbing. So... I bought a class (as yet unattended) and some climbing shoes.

In the middle of all that I actually did manage to watch a few episodes of Star Trek Enterprise. It's sort of a blur now. But I did watch them. I'm hoping to get back to Generic Ensign soon, or at least regular blogging, but I'm not making any promises because, you know, life. Also, I'm getting ready to start a pretty intensive animation class so... there goes my time.

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