Monday, June 12, 2017

Two Months Off

It's been exactly two months since my last post. That's the longest I've ever taken away from this project and I guess I sort of needed it.

What happened? Well, nothing, really. I just lived some life. Scott was on hiatus which is basically his summer break (though it happens in April and May) and I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could. But I also just wanted to focus on other projects and not worry so much about making Generic Ensign Vlogs or writing posts or watching Enterprise. I've been learning animation and that's taken up a ton of my brain space as I throw myself into it more and more every day. (The other day I spent good four hours on the same bouncing ball only to scrap it this morning and start from scratch.)

And, I still have to deal with my hands. They're... 90% better. A few months ago I realized that the cause of my hand issues was actually something in my neck. Apparently cervical instability and poor posture can work with the weird spasms you get with EDS to create a perfect storm of pinched nerves. So, along with the incredible, sickening, apparently inexplicable pain I felt for several months, I also had neuropathy. I lost strength in my hands, my fingers started to curl up into my palms, and I almost always had a pins and needles feeling in my fingers. It was awful and, really, it wasn't until I had some distance from it that I realized just how much it effected me. Now, as long as I take time (I have reminders set to buzz every thirty minutes) to stretch during the day and I maintain good posture (I also have reminders for this) and I do my physical therapy stuff every night, I don't have much pain at all. Sometimes I have bad days but they're farther and farther apart and I'm grateful for that.

I finished Season One of Enterprise and started into Season Two and I'm ready to chug along but I really want to get a Generic Ensign Vlog up before I go too much further. I confess I feel sort of ambivalent about the Vlogs and general blog posts sometimes. I wonder if the internet really needs another summation of an episode of Star Trek from fifteen years ago. I get bogged down with readership/viewership numbers and I start to wonder if it's worth my time. But, in the end, I always come back to the same conclusion: I do these because I enjoy it and because I think it makes my work better overall to think critically about something I care about and to then try to make something reflective of that thought process.

I just needed a little time away. And that's ok.

The point is: I'm back from my blog vacation. You can expect more posts.

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