Friday, September 2, 2016

Captain's Vlog #6: Geordi's Visor

I'm still having a hard time typing and realized that it was high time for the triumphant return of the Captain's Vlog: 

I'd like to do a few of these until I can get back to regular blogging so if you have anything you'd like me to talk about or ideas for videos, just let me know! I'm at the end of TNG: Season Four at the moment and still watching. 


  1. Thanks for making this video! I always look forward to you sharing your perspective on Star Trek or whatever else. I love your attitude!

  2. I've enjoyed your posts for a while now which are funny and insightful and sometimes genuinely moving. I thought your graphic essay about you and your Dad was great.

    I'm sorry that you have this condition to deal with, but admire your determination to not let it stop you.

    I remember an episode of TNG where (I think I have this right) they tie Geordi's visor into the main viewer on the bridge. There are shapes, color and movement, but it looks totally different than normal vision. And then Captain Picard says something like, I'm just beginning to understand Geordi.

    For me, your video offered the same kind of insight into what it's like for you, and for millions of others coping with different challenges, living with a condition that requires ingenuity and a determination to move forward.

    Thank you for your blog and I wish you much continued success.


    'Just want to share this beautiful, awe-inspiring Trek video. :)


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