Monday, May 30, 2016

Boarding The Enterprise

Great news!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ben & Bella books to see whether I might want to read, review, and give away a couple copies of the new, anniversary edition of Boarding The Enterprise edited by Robert J. Sawyer and David Gerrold for whom I have the utmost respect. Of course, the email went to my junk mail folder and then I was traveling and sick and injured and a million other things but eventually I got my biz together enough to reply and say, "Yes! Sure thing!"

And then a few more days went by as I put off figuring out how to run a legit giveaway here on the blog... but now, finally, I have put the exceedingly creaky wheels of progress in motion.

See. I have a blog tour banner and everything! I'm no(t too much of a) slouch!

Alright, I have TWO copies of this book to giveaway (US & Canada only please (sorry spam bots from Russia) for super practical shipping reasons) and you can enter thusly:

Option 1: Leave a comment below with the title of your favorite episode. That's it.
Option 2: Tweet about this blog or this book or both at once if you're feeling efficient.
Option 3: Tweet using the hashtag: #BeamMeUpAgain

My impression of this is that it will be easy. Presumably easier than that time I wrote a bunch of names down and drew them out of a legit wizard hat my husband owns because of reasons. (Magic reasons.)
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  1. My favorite TOS episode is The City on the Edge of Forever.

  2. It is so hard to decide which episode is my favorite! "The Naked Time" from season 1 of TOS is up there on my list, though.

  3. Definitely "The Trouble with Tribbles." So good they had to make it twice!

  4. My favorite episode right now is "Latent Image" from the 5th season of Voyager!

  5. ok.. forgot how to do this it has been so long! Favorite episode: City on the Edge of Forever!!

    looks like somehow I left a couple of blank comments... I think... Sorry!

  6. While there are a lot of episodes I've especially loved, (I'd second "The Naked Time" as a great one)I'd pick Amok Time because of it's insight into Spock.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

  7. I'm shocked, SHOCKED to see that nobody else has called The Doomsday Machine yet. And AR, if you haven't seen it yet, this was a great look into the episode (if slightly unfinished):


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