Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Well, ok, I haven't meant to be gone for the last couple of weeks. But Scott's been on hiatus and we took some time to come to Kentucky and see our families and while we were here we did a live show and a short film and a quick photo shoot and I went hiking and swimming and I stayed up all night playing bananagrams with my mom and brother who I hadn't seen in three years and I fell asleep playing video games with my dad and twin sisters and I hugged so many people and man, I don't even know. We've been super busy--and goofy. Busy being goofy. Which is just how we like it.

But we're flying back to LA at like 4AM and sometime in the afternoon we'll trudge back into our house and take the longest nap of all time and then I'll be able to get back to my regular life. And my regular life includes Star Trek and I miss it when it doesn't. Sometimes--just sometimes--I think I'm sort of burned out on Trek. Or, not really burned out on Trek but sometimes I worry that I've already said everything good I have to say about Trek. Or... maybe I worry that Trek doesn't have the same power over me that it once did because I've just spent so much time watching and re-watching and analyzing it and its place in my life.

But it does. And I know it does because today one of my friends (and readers!) posted a link to the new Trek trailer, which you can watch here:

I had no idea this trailer was coming out and I was caught completely off guard. I've tried not to let myself get too excited about the new series because there's so much wrapped up with it so I wasn't sure I would even have a reaction to any of the hype. And yet. And yet as soon as I tapped play I felt like I'd been kicked in the gut. 

Yes, I realized. Yes, I am excited. I am nervous. I am happy. I am hopeful. I am ready. 

I hope it's good. I hope it's wonderful. I hope it has enough time to develop into something that's worth watching. I hope it finds its voice and I hope, I hope, I hope it finds a new generation of Trek fans who will feel lots ways about Star Trek and someday a long time from now they'll write whatever the 2056 equivalent of a blog is and in the third year of it they'll start a big project and it'll take forever to get going and then sometime at the end of May/beginning of June they'll really get their shit together and write about all that stuff she promised because, yes, they does still really love Star Trek and, yes, they really do still have plenty to say. 

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