Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Going Deep/To Sleep

Ok, so it's freaking Wednesday and I'm just now getting around to writing last week's Holodeck Post because we all know I got super waylaid by a bunch of foolishness on Sunday.

But here's the thing, I'm working on the sequel to Awesome Jones and I'm in this kind of mode where I just can't really do much of anything else. You shouldn't feel too jealous though, blogreaders. I actually neglected an entire year of everything non-Trek for you. (See All of 2013)

Anyway, when I'm writing, I have a tendency to not do anything but write. I don't mess around on Facebook. I don't respond to emails, phone calls, or--for the most part--actual, human conversation. It's like I just put everything I have into my work and I can't be bothered to cook or buy groceries or shower or any of that real life stuff.

I just do this:
A (not at all) rare glimpse of an AshleyRose in her natural habitat
But, here's the thing, I can only do it for so long. I have a policy where I take at least an hour and a half (preferably two hours) off before bed. Last night, I was reminded of why. I worked until 12:30 (I got 2400 words so it sort of seems worth it) then stretched out on the couch and zoned out while I watched the last twenty minutes of Murder She Wrote before hitting the sack. I was feeling all gross and congested yesterday so I took a Nyquil before bed and, in spite of my low tolerance to the blue stuff and my exhaustion, I still woke up every few hours in a cold sweat, with my heart thumping, thinking I had some incredible, unsolvable problem in the Awesome Jones sequel. It was awful. Of course, I got up this morning and realized said problem didn't exist and I was pissed at my nighttime self for not realizing that.

So that's why I have the policy. Tonight, I made myself wrap it up at 10:00 and I'll spend my next two hours finishing the Dodger's Game and probably re-watching the DVR'd episodes of Going Deep which brings me to the actual Holodeck part of this post.

Here's some of what I've been watching/reading lately:

1- Going Deep With David Rees
On NatGeo, Monday Nights (Also Hulu)
This half-hour gem is all about the regular, everyday activities we take for granted (flipping coins, tying shoes, making ice cubes, even opening doors) and how we can look at them on a deeper, sometimes ridiculous level. You know I'm ALL ABOUT enthusiasm and David Rees' is contagious. People are saying it's the best science show since Cosmos and I completely agree. This show is all about curiosity, enthusiasm for the small stuff, and the science that makes all that small stuff happen. I can't recommend it highly enough.


2- LOTR: The Two Towers
by J.R.R. Tolkien (obviously) 
Ok, people, I cannot tell you how much I just want to stop all life and do nothing but read these books and then start them over and read them again. I am OBSESSED. I keep referring to Scott as Strider and Bunny as Bunwise Gamgee and I can't stop sending my friend Kate these Merry/Pippin outfits I find on Pinterest with ridiculous messages like, "let's do this every day forever!" :
From Fictional Fashionistas
Seriously, I can count all the books I could/would/do re-read on one hand: Slaughter House 5, The Princess Bride, Bleak House, The Hero and the Crown, and now LOTR

3- Ancient Impossible
Airs on H2 and Hulu (and I don't even know what night this happens because I have a bunch of them backed up on my DVR.)
 I am a sucker for TV documentary style shows about how people did stuff a million years ago. I've watched Buckaroo Banzai talk about how the Maya put Cinnabar all over their tombs like at least seventy times. Anyway, this is that kind of show. A lot of historians talk a lot about how people did stuff in the olden days and I love going to sleep to this kind of show. I mean, if you're going to spend an hour talking about water clocks I don't even need to know anything else. I am IN.
Bonus Points for featuring my longtime Lady Historian Crush: Bettany Hughes
 So there you have it. That's what I've been filling the final two hours of my nights with. And now I'm off to do it again. I've made my tea, I've given Bunny the all-clear, and now it's time to watch some guys talk about Ctesibius and how pneumatics work until I fall into the kind of sleep where I don't wake up every couple of hours worried I'll never finish the Awesome Jones sequel.

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  1. I'll Merry and Pippin with you any day! Hopefully you slept better!


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