Friday, June 26, 2015

Many Happy Returns

In my last post I mentioned how I'd been rather depressed and that I'd gone off and done some writing and could tell I was on the mend. Well, as it turns out, I suppose I sort of opened the flood gates. After I finished my mini-journal/essay project, I resumed work on a novel I had started a month before--one that had been completely derailed by the events in my life. Once I started, I really just couldn't stop. I wrote a thousand words a day at first. Then two-thousand. Then three. I only barely took the weekends off (sometimes starting back at work on Sunday night) and picking it up again on Monday mornings. I wrote in a near-fever, unwilling to stop. And then suddenly, on Wednesday of this week, I typed The End. It was a perfect storm of inspiration, long-term planning, and thirty years (including a couple very important ones) that ended up happening to make this happen and now, suddenly, I have a working draft. So, this is all sort of a long way of telling you what I've been up to lately.

Yesterday, still recovering from a sinus infection, I mostly laid on the couch and watched baseball and ate crackers because my antibiotic twisted up my stomach.

Today I'm back.

Well, sort of. I'm back to tell you that I'm coming back.

And, until then, I'm back to tell you how excited and happy I am about the Marriage Equality ruling handed down today. A couple years ago I did a little piece for marriage equality:

And today I returned to it, dressing everyone up for their big day:

Today is a day of celebration! Congratulations to anyone out there who's been waiting to get hitched, to anyone who hopes to get hitched, to anyone and everyone and all their family and friends. This ruling only brings us ever closer to the sort of peace and universal equality envisioned in Trek. 

PS- I made both of these the right size for a Facebook cover photo so, if you want to pull it and use it on your cover page, you're welcome to.

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