Friday, February 6, 2015

Voyager Re-Watch: State of Flux

So I always take notes during these episodes but I've been working like crazy the past two weeks and this is literally the only thing I wrote down last night whilst watching State of Flux:

I promise I did watch the whole thing. I just happened to have some extra work fall in my lap this week and I really had to bust my hump to get everything done. So, as it happened, I was working in Photoshop the entire time this one was on the TV and I pretty much forgot to take notes. Also, yes, I write my Star Trek notes in a Text Edit document because it sucks up less memory than anything else. Photoshop, remember?

Ok, this episode is basically Seska's big "I'm A Baddie!" Celebration. It seems like there should be a name for that. In my head it's like a QuinceaƱera or Bar Mitzvah or Upanayana. Like she should get a sash or knife or a cake or something and everyone should stand in a circle and say the shittiest thing Seska ever did to them. Of course we all know know who'd win that contest:

My biggest takeaway from this episode is that poor Chakotay probably shouldn't have been given command of a Maquis vessel. This guy is just way too nice. I mean, Tuvok infiltrated his ship. Seska infiltrated his ship. His ship got destroyed. He ended up being Number 2 to some whole other captain in some crap part of space and he can't even eat stolen soup anymore. Bless his heart.

Actually, I think it's really smart that Chakotay voices his concerns about this whole, "Am I an idiot?" thing with Tuvok who pretty much says, "You're not any dumber than the rest of your dumb species."
In a lot of ways, Chakotay's had his world turned on its ear more than anyone else. He was in charge of a wild band of outlaws. He was beating down doors and Robin Hooding the crap out of the Federation. Now his girlfriend is a Cardassian and she's giving him crap about his animal guide. How did it come to this?
Oh yeah.
Anyway, Seska is a 100% badass in this one. Obviously I knew she was the baddie but it was great to re-watch State of Flux with that knowledge so fresh in my mind. The set up of Red Herring Carey is really nicely done and the true villain is withheld until the very last minute. Seska goes on to become an even bigger thorn in everyone's side (especially Chakotay) and I can't wait to see it all unfold.

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