Thursday, January 1, 2015

Janewaying In The New Year

Guess what I'm doing at this moment:

That's right. I'm ringing in the new year Voyager style.

So here's the deal. 2014 was a really crazy year. You know this. But, here are some details: I published my first novel and a new short story and had a new graphic essay accepted for publication. I got a personal record on bench press (115lbs) and dead lift (210lbs) and also injured my biceps tendon and oblique at separate times and had to work back from both of those injuries. I grew a tiny garden and ate food from it. I read all of LOTR and The Hobbit and then read them all again. Lots and lots of art. I wrote the sequel to Awesome Jones and sent it out to beta readers. And... I did almost no blogging.

The thing is, I miss this project. A lot. But, after a solid year of three episodes a day and writing a post almost every day, I was having some pretty serious Star Trek burnout. I tried to write about other stuff but daily/humor/news/life blogging isn't really in my wheelhouse. Even though this blog is often more about me than Trek, I found I needed the regular episodes to get me going. I needed a springboard.

It's taken several months but I find that I'm ready for more Trek. That I actually miss it. But, I had to figure out a way to fit it into my already ridiculous work schedule. Three episodes a day is out of the question. During My Year of Star Trek, I didn't do anything else. No writing. No art. Nothing that wasn't related to this blog. So, I have to scale it back. One a day? Still too much. So I thought about it a lot and decided on 2-3 episodes a week. I'll watch some Trek. I'll write about it.

And I'm starting with Voyager. I went back and forth. TNG? TOS? Should I go backwards from Enterprise? But I decided to go with Voyager. I've always identified TNG as the Trek that made the most difference in my life, the one that was most important to me. And, it was. But, it wasn't until I did My Year of Star Trek that I realized how influential Voyager was for me, how much I loved it.

So, that's here's my mission for 2015:
-Get my second book (Silver Tongue) off the ground and published.
-Get the Awesome Jones sequel ready for publication.
-Get my web comic up and running.
-And... watch and write about all of Voyager.

I'm looking forward to it. I hope you'll come along for the ride.


  1. Hooray!! I'm so happy to hear this news. I'm also really glad you decided on Voyager. it was the series that ultimately surprised me the most as I followed along on your Year of Star Trek, and I look forward to revisiting it with you.

  2. Voyager is my fav, so on board!

  3. LOL, I just finished the Voyager series...ending the year with "Endgame". But I'll gladly join you from the beginning for 2015!


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