Friday, March 28, 2014

Paperbacks and Boxing Gloves

It's been a few days (again) since I posted but, in my defense, I couldn't type. I worked the heavy bag at the gym for an inordinately long time and for the next couple of days my hands were all cramped up and bruised. I literally couldn't type. You know what I did instead? Pretty much nothing.

Except get the paperback copy of my first novel, Awesome Jones, in the mail!!!

Photo taken pre-bruised knuckles
I was going to write something about boxing in Star Trek but all I could think of was the episode wherein Chakotay talks to Alien Brain Figment Boothby and his imagined boxing sessions are the only way for Voyager to escape Chaotic Space. I don't know, maybe that's actually a lot like what's been going on around here lately. Chaotic Space.

I was working on the second Awesome Jones novel when I received the editor's copy of my next release--Silver Tongue. I switched gears to work on that but then got the galley for Awesome Jones. Switched again, read over everything, made corrections, sent it back. Silver Tongue again. Second round of galleys. Sent it back again. Awesome Jones released. Silver Tongue again. Silver tongue finished and sent back. A new short story is released. Doctor appointments are made and gone through with. Awesome Jones paper back is released and I'm punching a heavy bag and tearing up my hands and trying to get myself back in the AJ Book 2 mindset. It feels like Chaotic Space.

But maybe it's ok. My hands are fine now. The book is out. Things are going well. Maybe I don't need a Alien Brain Figment Boothby to talk me through it. Maybe I can just show up here (when my fingers aren't cramped up) and think and write about Star Trek until Chaotic Space feels less chaotic. That seems to have done the trick this time.

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  1. It's so great that you've been so busy with your writing and edits. Maybe a little Chaotic Space isn't so bad?


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